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What Sets Us Apart…………………..

    Every client and liquidation is unique and it is important to choose the best liquidation option that best suits your need.  We will meet with you to discuss all the options in your liquidation situation. 
  2. ORGANIZTAION:  The proper set up of an auction is the key component to a successful auction day flow.  Our experience in auction set up and merchandise organization sets us apart from many auction companies that may show up the day before to throw things together.  We spend numerous hours studying site layout and take a proactive approach to when and where merchandise will be sold.
  3. INVENTORY:  Part of the numerous hours we spend in auction preparation is the time we take to inventory and research the merchandise we are selling.   Respect for these items is also taken when moving, cleaning and preparing them for display.
  4. ADVERTISING/MARKETING:  We have taken the time to know your merchandise and now we are ready to direct market it.  Knowing the proper publications to advertise in and ad design is another very important key to a successful turn out on auction day.   We also advertise worldwide on our web page with numerous color photos.   Our extensive data base of quality buyers allows us to directly target the buyers that will be most interested in your merchandise to assure a competitive bidding atmosphere.
  5. STRESS FREE:  Liquidating an estate of a loved one, your business or personal collection can be a stressful undertaking and we understand that.  With this in mind, we create a worry free experience for you.  There are no “up front expenses” needed to get started. 
  6. SETTLEMENT/AFTER AUCTION SERVICES:In most cases settlement is made at the end of the auction day.  We are fully computerized which means we can provide a complete,  easy to understand, typed inventory of the items sold and the amount they sold for.  This itemized list makes estate and business settlements a professional transaction. We are   also available for merchandise pick up if needed in the days following the sale.